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The Next Generation in Temporary Cement

  • Firm Retention/Easy Removal
    4X greater retention than most zinc-oxide cements
  • Eugenol-Free
    Non-irritating to soft tissue. Will not inhibit permanent cementation
  • Fluoride Release
  • Potassium Nitrate
    Known to reduce sensitivity and act as a sedative to the pulp
  • Chlorhexidine
    A proven anti-bacterial agent
  • Resin-Matrix Formulation
    Good marginal seal with no wash-out
  • Two-Stage Curing
    2 minutes, initial gel-set stabilizes temporary, allowing easy removal of excess. Final set occurs one minute later.
  • Neutral Shade
    Blends esthetically with temporary restoration / no show-through
Bulk Package of 4
3001470 5ml Automix Syringes

Standard Package of 1
3001471 5ml Automix Syringe & 10 Mix Tips

Package of 25
3001451 Automix Dual-barrel Syringe Tips

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Standard Kit, Bulk Kit, Automix Dual Barrel Syringe Tips