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Disposable Cryosurgical Device


Premier Medical Products is pleased to introduce our new version of CryOmega. The new twist knob makes CryOmega easier to activate with just one rotation, CryOmega is ready to operate. Our actuation button is also easier to press allowing you greater treatment accuracy and less fatigue on your finger.

Providing all of the outstanding clinical features of the previous unit, the new design of CryOmega continues as your go-to portable cryosurgical unit.

  • Clinically effective direct application of liquid nitrous oxide (-89˚C) in a convenient and economical device.

  • Effective - Delivers a continuous, direct spray of nitrous oxide (-89˚C) to treatment site. With a lower operating temperature compared to canister-based systems, CryOmega provides clinically effective freezing with pinpoint precision.

  • Convenient - Simple, hassle-free operation. Activate internal cartridge once and the device is ready for use. No need for additional accessories or replacement cartridges. 240 seconds (4 minutes) of total treatment time per device.

  • Economical - Low-cost, effective cryosurgery in any clinical setting.

  • Disposable - Simply dispose of the entire unit when the internal cartridge is empty.

9034000 CryOmega, single unit
Disposable cryosurgical unit containing
16g nitrous oxide (N2O) cartridge
9034002 CryOmega, twin pack
Two disposable cryosurgical units
containing 16g nitrous oxide (N2O) cartridge

CryOmega CPT Codes Sheet

CryOmega SDS

CryOmega Rep Contact List


Nitrospray Plus
Trigger Operated, Closed System, Liquid Nitrogen Cryosurgical Unit

Improved Seal
Eliminates o-ring positioning.
(Pressure seal ring retrofit kit 1006066 to eliminate o-ring on units prior to RP-11061 and LP-10952 is now available. Not to be used with RP-10454 to RP-10561. Contact Customer Service for assistance.)

Grooved Head
Easy to use, comfortable to hold.

Curved Trigger
Unobstructed view of treatment site.

Notched Head Grip
Easy to remove/install cap.

Three (3) year warranty

Static holding time:
8 - 12 hours

Intermittent use:
3 - 6 hours of patient treatment time


30-day Unconditional Warranty


Nitrospray Plus
(16oz fill capacity) Includes 5 spray tips, tip protector and base holder

1006065 Nitrospray Plus Lite
(10oz fill capacity) Includes 5 spray tips, tip protector and base holder

Cutaneous probes, cryocones, and other accessories available.

Disposable Biopsy Punch

Uni-Punch® Disposable Biopsy Punch
Sterile, Seamless, Razor Sharp Blades

Box of 25 Box of 50


9033519 1.5mm
9033502 2.0mm 9033512 2.0mm
9033511 2.5mm   9033521 2.5mm
9033503 3.0mm   9033513 3.0mm
9033510 3.5mm   9033520 3.5mm
9033504 4.0mm   9033514 4.0mm
9033505 5.0mm   9033515 5.0mm
9033506 6.0mm   9033516 6.0mm
9033508 8.0mm   9033518 8.0mm
9033525 Assorted Five each: 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm      

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