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Premier® Implant Scalers: 

Good Value, Safe and Effective

for Use on Titanium

Implant Scaler can be resharpened and does not require replacement tips.

Premier® Implant Scalers are made of a graphite material proven safe for use on titanium abutments.  Dental clinicians can safely scale soft titanium abutments with the confidence that they are removing retained plaque without harming or scratching the titanium. 

A study was conducted by Dr. Conrad Bain of the University of Glasgow which evaluated several leading implant curettes, including the Premier scalers.  The in-vitro and in-vivo evaluation of the implant-cleaning instruments concluded that the Premier Implant Scaler was the instrument of choice. (1)

Recently, additional Implant Scalers have been introduced, including solid titanium instruments.  These new scalers are priced at a suggested retail of $85.99, which is a significant premium over the Premier scaler priced at a suggested retail of $55.80 for a 2-pack or $27.90 each. 

Premier Implant Scaler is the hands-down choice for proven performance and value!

(1)  Bain, C.A.: An in-vitro and in-vivo evaluation of various implant-cleaning instruments. QI 423-427, Vol. 29, No.7 1998.

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