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A New Twist in Polishing

It is a known fact that the best finish for porcelain is a glazed surface.  It is also known that doctors do not generally use glazing ovens.  The alternative is to achieve the smoothest possible finish and create a glaze-like shine by polishing.  CEREC® restorations or any lab CAD/CAM generated crown provide a unique challenge for conventional polishing methods due to the extensive amount of time required to polish an entire crown.  Polishing is performed on small areas where the glaze is broken due to adjustments on the occlusion or mesial/distal contacts.  Rubber points do a great job for touch-up polishing, but presents difficulty polishing larger areas.  They generate excessive heat and exhibit additional limitations; narrow polishers produce uneven surfaces, while aggressive diamond-impregnated finishers can easily alter critical dimensions.  They are also time-consuming.  Premier Dental's unique super-charged Diamond Polishing kits help the dental office achieve an ultra-lustrous surface while reducing polishing time by more than half!

Premier Dental's unique Fibra Points, included in the SCL kit, do not produce heat, are mildy aggressive for final finishing/pre-polish, cover a wide surface area for fast and uniform surface treatment, and are long-lasting.  They are part of a new system built around a unique, super-charged polishing paste.  Diamond Twist SCO™ & SCL™ paste is highly filled with 3-micron diamond particles.  Applied with felt or brush applicators, Diamond Twist produces a glaze-like appearance quickly and easily.

SCL (Lab) Polishing Technique

For polishing porcelain crowns and multi-unit bridges or CEREC® restorations after removal from the milling machine, use the SCL kit components.  The Fibra shapes (gray) contain an embedded abrasive that will finish and pre-polish the surface.  Use the Fibra pre-polishing tools at slow speeds (15,000-25,000 rpm) on all areas of the crown, including the occlusal surface, using medium pressure, getting as much into deep anatomy as possible.  A full crown should take approximately one minute.  Load the felt shapes (white) with a small amount of diamond Twist SCL paste. A final mirror polish is easily accomplished by using low rpm and touching the point to the paste.  Polish the entire crown with medium pressure, with special attention to the deep anatomy.  Re-apply paste as necessary.  To polish areas of deep anatomy where the larger points cannot reach, use the RA-shank polishing brush that comes with the SCO kit.  It conveniently fits into the lab handpiece.  A glaze-like shine over the entire crown should take no more than 2-5 minutes.  Use the Fibra wheels with the Super Grip Mandrel and the Felt Wheels with the Standard Mandrel.


SCO (Operatory) Polishing Technique

After the crown, onlay or inlay has been seated, it may be necessary to make the occlusal adjustments for proper contact.  These adjustments should be made with a 30-flute bur, micron-finishing diamond (Premier Two Striper® MFS®) or white stone.  To polish intra-orally after restoration is cemented, use the SCO components Micro-Cloth disk or Polishing Brush applicators with Diamond Twist paste. 

Twist Paste Dispensing:  To reduce waste and minimize splatter, place a small amount of paste on a weighted (stationary) mixing slab.  Dab the brush or Micro-Cloth disk into the paste while rotating at approximately 5,000 rpm, uniformly incorporating it into the fibers.  Polish:  Use brush or disk at low speeds (10,000 rpm-15,000 rpm) with light, intermittent strokes to minimize heat.  Re-apply paste as necessary.  Prior to completion, use feather-like strokes at 20,000 rpm.  Wipe clean with gauze or cotton swab.  Note:  brushes can be autoclaved up to 280°F. 

When used sequentially, the SCL lab technique and SCO (operatory) or intra-oral technique produce faster and better polishing results.  For additional information about Diamond Twist SCL and SCO kits, please call Premier Customer Service at 888-670-6100 or e-mail

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