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Big Easy® for Extractions

To meet the needs of dentists performing extractions, Premier® introduces the only Periotomes featuring the patented Big Easy® handle.  Periotomes are designed to sever the periodontal ligament (PDL) prior to the extraction, so that the tooth comes out easier and faster.  The Big Easy handle, with its medical-grade silicone grip, provides superior comfort and control to the clinician.  The result is a better experience for the patient and the clinician.

Premier's instruments come in two, double-ended styles for anterior or posterior use.  With these two instruments, dentists will be able to reach all areas of the mouth, making extractions easier and less traumatic for the patient.  Like luxating elevators, Periotomes are designed to sever the PDL.  Unlike luxators, however, Periotomes are not designed to lift the tooth.

When selecting a periotome, choose based on the following criteria:

  • Weight- The Big Easy, with its hollow handle, reduces the effort needed by the clinician.
  • Tactile Sensitivity- The medical grade silicone grip on all Big Easy instruments provides better tactile sensitivity because it allows the clinican better handling and control over the instrument.
  • Balance- Quality workmanship ensures that the Big Easy periotomes are balanced for better handling and easier use.
  • Comfort In Use- The Big Easy grip provides a passive feedback system, requiring less pressure for the clinician, resulting in less strain on the muscles.
  • Blade Thickness- Premier's blades are thin enough to reach down into the sulcus, yet strong enough to resist bending.
  • Blade Sharpness- Clean, sharp edges quickly and easily sever the PDL.

Anterior-Straight - Posterior-Angled


Clinical Use of Periotomes:  By severing the PDL prior to extraction, the surrounding tissue is subjected to less trauma, and in many cases, allows for immediate placement of an implant.  To use a periotome, place the blade of the instrument down into the sulcus, severing the PDL.  Lift the blade out of the sulcus, and repeat the process, moving circumferentially around the tooth.  This will sever the PDL except for where it connects at the most apical part of the tooth.  Afterwards, use a periosteal elevator and extraction forceps in the usual manner.

If the dentist feels that the tooth is in danger of breaking while elevating the tooth, Dr. Howard Farran, leading clinician and editor of DentalTown Magazine, recommends that the dentist take a five-minute break from the procedure.  During the break, swelling of the tissue will act like a hydraulic pump and will help to lift the tooth from the socket, usually leading to a much easier extraction.(1)

Now, with Premier's Big Easy Periotomes, patients can have less traumatic extractions and dentists can experience a more ergonomic handle, delivering better control and handling.  Premier's Big Easy Periotomes are the biggest thing to happen to extractions in a long time.  As a special offer, Premier is offering one FREE Peiotome with the purchase of any six Periotomes, now through June 30, 2005.

(1)  Personal communication, 1/05.

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