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Implant Scalers Benefit Patients with Implants

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Hygienists Shouldn't Fear

Patients with Implants

The growing number of implants being placed means that hygienists must treat patients with titanium implants almost every day.  The problems associated with treating them all revolve around the risk of scratching the titanium abutment.  Clinical research has shown that when an abutment is scratched, it is easier for deposits to become attached.  This can lead to a number of problems for the patient.

Using traditional, metal scalers/curettes on implants is a precarious situation.  Stainless steel is a harder material than titanium, so the instrument will most likely scratch the abutment.  The answer is to use a material that is strong enough to remove the calculus deposits while reducing the risk of scratching the titanium.  While there are many choices available to clinicians, Premier's implant scalers are made from a proprietary material that provides key benefits:

  • highly effective at removing deposits
  • autoclavable
  • resharpenable

Our implant scalers are strong enough to remove calculus deposits, but still leave the surface of the abutment smooth (see right).  The instruments can be autoclaved for repeated use and can even be resharpened in the same manner as metal instruments.  The high-density material leaves a crisp, clean edge to them after being sharpened, unlike other plastic instruments.

In an independent study performed in 1998, (1) Premier's implant scalers were reviewed along with those from Hu-Friedy, Nobel Biocare and Advanced Implant Technologies.  Premier's instruments rated the best in each of seven tests.  The conclusion of the study reported that our instruments, "...combined operator acceptance with less damage to the abutments, and of the instruments tested, is the scaler of choice."

Premier's implant scalers are available in two designs.  The first is a universal curette, in a Columbia 4L/4R design.  The second is for the facial aspect of the abutment and is similar to a Goldman Fox curette.  These instruments are available from your dental retailer.

Universal Implant Scaler

Facial Implant Scaler

Receive a FREE Implant Scaler:  A FREE universal implant scaler is included with each Premier Implant Cement kit, for a limited time.  For additional information about Premier Implant Cement, visit

(1) Bain, CA; An in-vitro and in-vivo evaluation of various implant-cleaning instruments. QI 423-427, Vol. 29, No. 7 1998


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