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Patient Whitening
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Take-Home Tooth Whitening: Hydrogen Peroxide
Perfecta® REV!®
Only 15 minutes, once a day to your whitest smile!

REV it up!
Perfecta® REV!® take-home whitening treatment delivers optimal whitening in only 15 minutes, once a day.

Revolutionary 2-Step Process

    Step 1 - REV! Gel This patented 14% hydrogen peroxide formula delivers proven whitening results1 with only 15 minutes, once a day wear time. REV! gel is water based to hydrate the teeth as it whitens and to avoid thermal sensitivity naturally.

    Step 2 - REV! Finishing Rinse This refreshing mouth rinse is formulated for use immediately after REV! gel.

  • Specially buffered formula immediately accelerates the breakdown of the gel into its active components, providing an added boost to the final whitening effect.
  • Rinsing safely removes residual gel from teeth and any soft tissue.
  • Contains an advanced form of Vitamin C which promotes healthy teeth and gingiva.
  • Contains Pentasodium Triphosphate, a sequestering ingredient that helps to “lift and remove” enamel stain.
  • Alcohol-free, cool mint flavor which leaves the mouth clean and refreshed after every treatment.

Less sensitivity than the leading Strips.2 Delivers optimal whitening.


1. Clinical Evaluation of Bleaching Efficacy of Two Different Systems, Sheila Koh, D.D.S., F.A.G.D. University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston - Dental Branch, December 2004.
2. Crest® Whitestrips® Supreme

ARM & HAMMER and Advance White are registered Trademarks of Church & Dwight Company. / Crest and Whitestrips are not trademarks of Premier Dental™

Six REV! Patient Paks (4000142)
Each Pak Contains:

  • Two 3cc syringes with 4oz (118.3ml) REV!
  • Finishing Rinse

    All you need to add are trays and tray cases.

Six REV! Refresher Paks (4000141)
Each Pak Contains:

  • One 3cc syringe with 4oz (118.3ml) REV!
  • Finishing Rinse


Perfecta® Bravó®
Only 30 minutes, once a day!


  • Shorter wear time - 30 minutes, once a day
  • Proven faster results1 for improved compliance
  • Patented water-based 9% hydrogen peroxide gel
  • 84% less wear time – for two-week treatment
  • Superior whitening, avoids sensitivity

1. Clinical Evaluation of the Bleaching Efficacy of Two Different Concentrations, Sheila H. Koh, D.D.S., F.A.G.D.UTHSH-Dental Branch; Esthetic Professionals- Dental Materials and Technology, July, 2002.

Value Pak is economically priced. Please ask your authorized Premier dealer representative for details.

Bravó Value Pak (4000093)

  • 24-3cc syringes - enough whitening material for six patients
  • Dispensing tips, patient instructions
  • Doctor instructions
  • Cosmetic patient pouches. You add trays and tray cases.

Bravó Patient Pak (4000092)

  • Sufficient material for complete 2-week patient treatment.
  • 4-3cc syringes with dispensing tips
  • Patient instructions
  • Doctor instructions
  • Cosmetic patient pouch, tray material and tray case

Bravó 50 Pak (4000094)

  • 50-3cc syringes with dispensing tips
  • Patient instructions
  • Doctor's instructions
    You add trays and tray cases.

Bravó Touch-up Pak (4000091)

  • 1-3cc syringe with dispensing tip
  • Patient instructions


Take-Home Tooth Whitening: Carbamide Peroxide
  • Proven effective and reliable since 1990
  • Glycol base minimizes dehydration to avoid sensitivity
  • No chemical additives necessary due to Perfecta's unique formulation

Select The Right Gel Strength

Perfecta 16%: Can remove a full range of stains including those resulting from tobacco, dark beverages and even tetracycline. Wear time can be adjusted for light stains and for those patients with a history of thermal sensitivity.

Perfecta 21%: Tetracycline stains. Dispense only to compliant patients with no history of thermal sensitivity.

Value Pak

  • 36-3cc syringes
  • 36 dispensing tips, patient instructions
  • Doctor instructions
  • Cosmetic patient pouches
    You add trays and tray cases.
4000163 16% Unflavored
4000164 16% Mint
4000213 21% Unflavored
4000214 21% Mint

50 Pak

  • 50-3cc syringes
  • 50 dispensing tips, patient instructions
  • Doctor's instructions
  • 25 prescription bags
4004160 16% Unflavored
4004165 16% Mint
4004210 21% Unflavored
4004215 21% Mint

Patient Pak

  • 6-3cc syringes
  • 6 dispensing tips, patient instructions
  • Doctor instructions
  • Cosmetic patient pouch with mirror
  • Tray case and tray material
4000161 16% Unflavored
4000162 16% Mint
4000211 21% Unflavored
4000212 21% Mint


Dental Whitening Gel
Standard Tubes:

A tremendous value with
2 ounces (59cc) of whitening gel in a squeeze tube. Choose 11%, 16%, or 21% carbamide peroxide; fresh mint flavor. Glycol based for minimal dehydration-induced sensitivity. Ideal package for long-term cases (tetracycline).

Mint only - case of 24
4007115 11% Standard Tube
4007165 16% Standard Tube
4007215 21% Standard Tube

Available individually through your dealer.


Dental Whitening Gel
Standard Tube Kits:

  • 2 ounces (59cc) of whitening gel in a squeeze tube
  • Patient's instruction
  • Doctor's instructions
  • Tray case and tray material
Mint only - case of 12
4006115 11% Standard Kit
4006165 16% Standard Kit

Available individually through your dealer.

Soft Tray Trimmer
Tray Magic™
Soft Tray Trimmer

Tray Magic™ is designed especially for soft tray material including whitening trays, soft denture relines, athletic mouthguards and snore guards. Improved handle design provides greater blade control. The curved, double-edge, heated tip is perfect for cutting trays. Smoothly cuts edges for a comfortable fit with an adjustable heat setting and durable metal housing. One year limited warranty.

Not available in Canada.

4008200 Tray Magic Trimmer
4008207 Tray Magic Trimmer (220V)
4008201 Tray Magic Replacement
cord, wand and blade



Should have no palate,
flat base, and no over- extended base. Apply lubricant spray to model. Block-out is not required with Perfecta® whitening gels.

Vacuum Forming
Cast should rest flat on the vacuum former. Allow tray material to sag only 1/2” to 1”. Run vacuum motor
for 30-60 seconds. Check for
tight adaptation along
gingival margin.

Use heated Tray Magic blade to rough cut and remove excess material.



Start at most posterior molar
and guide the heated tip along. Apply only gentle pressure. Heat should cut tray material, leaving a smooth edge.


Keep the Tray Magic blade
perpendicular to the facial surface. To finish, turn down the trimmer heat and gently glide warm blade over any rough edges to smooth.


In-Office Tooth Whitening
Perfection White™
35% Hydrogen Peroxide Kit

Perfection White is a unit-dosed chairside whitening system sufficient to treat 8 arches. This kit should only be used with a rubber dam (not included). A gingival protectant gel is included for use with a rubber dam. Light activation is not required. Only one hour of chair-time needed per treatment.



Four Patient (4008104)
8-arch Chairside:


  • 8-4cc ampules of 35% hydrogen peroxide
  • 4-2cc ampules of gingival protectant gel
  • 4 Activator Powder cups (mix with peroxide prior to application to form gel)
  • 4 mixing spatulas, four applicator brushes
  • Proprietary powder formula potentiates the chemical whitening action
    of the hydrogen peroxide

Enamel Microabrasion
Enamel Microabrasion System


PREMA® Enamel Microabrasion is a chemical-mechanical polishing compound containing a mild solution of hydrochloric acid with silicon carbide in a water-soluble slurry. The syringe delivery system permits an effective and economical application.

PREMA® Enamel Microabrasion slurry is an acid-abrasive formulation used to correct superficial white, brown or multi-colored enamel defects. When used with a low-speed hand piece fitted with a 10:1 gear reduction angle, the slurry safely removes a controlled and limited amount of superficial enamel.

Enamel Microabrasion does not recognizably alter enamel surface contours. Patients with tetracycline staining, dentinogenesis imperfect or other such defects which are deep within the tooth structure cannot be improved with enamel microabrasion.

Article: Enamel Microabrasion for Removal of Decalcification Dysmineralization and Surface Texture Defects

9008010 PREMA Enamel Microabrasian System
(4) 1.2ml Prema syringes (20) polishing cups, (20) syringe tips, (4) mandrel tips
9008011 Mandrels (5)

Mandrel Tips(25) Mandrels (2)

This young female had unsightly brown and white enamel dysmineralization defects which bleaching alone will not remove.

The Prema treated teeth immediately after treatment.

After a 14-day “take-home” tooth-whitening treatment.

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