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Two Striper®
Fastest Cutting, Cooler Cutting, Longer Lasting

"Combined lab and clinical data showed highest rated and best performing diamonds were the TS2000 and 770.8C Two Striper® multi-use diamonds"...

The P.B.S.® Difference
Faster Cutting and Longer Lasting

P.B.S. bonding maximizes the exposure of diamond-cutting surfaces. Crystals, placed evenly and precisely in a uniform matrix, are permanently fused to a surgical-grade stainless steel shank.

Natural diamond crystals on Two Striper rotary instruments contain more corners and angles than the synthetic diamonds used on electroplated burs.

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New! Two Striper® ZTech™
A New Diamond Technology for Today's Advanced Materials


A New Diamond Technology for Today's Advanced
Materials - Lithium Disilicate and Zirconia

These Two Striper® FG diamonds feature a proprietary diamond grit designed to cut quickly and safely through Lithium Disilicate and Zirconia crowns. TSZtech™ diamonds provide faster and cooler cutting with less trauma and no sparking. Some shapes are available in a slightly longer shank for electric handpieces with larger heads. The round and football are ideal for endodontic access.


TSZtech™ Diamond Assorted 5-pack
(260.8Z, 285.5Z, 703.8KRZ, 125Z, 770.8Z)


  260.8Z 285.5Z 703.8KRZ 125Z 770.8Z
5-Pack Reorder 2015893 2015891 2015894 2015892 2015890
"L" - 1.5mm longer shank:
  L260.8Z     L125Z L770.8Z
5-Pack Reorder 2015883     2015882 2015880

Laboratory Diamonds
Available one per pack

X590.12Z X769.10Z
2012847 2012845

Clean-A-Diamond® Mini-Squares
Longer Lasting, Better Value

Prolong the cutting life of your diamonds!

Use the Clean-A-Diamond® Mini-Square™ chairside to unclog your coarse and medium grit Two Striper® diamonds to extend life and restore rapid cutting. Our diamond crystals wear smooth but don’t fall out like all other electroplated diamonds resulting in significantly more uses that save you money.

Two Striper Diamond Cleaning Technique



Two Striper® Friction Grip Diamonds

Friction Grip Diamonds are available in a wide variety of clinical shapes and multiple grits to complete safe and conservative preparations. You will also find short-shank and "long" shank diamonds.

Over 400 shapes and grits available.
Available in convenient 5-packs.

Two Striper® TS2000™
Spiral Channel Diamonds
"Fastest Brand"

A finished margin is created as shown below. You can easily create a chamfer, bevel, or flat shoulder.

Less chair time for you and your patient. TS2000 saves time and money by simultaneously performing rapid gross reduction and creating a finished margin without changing instruments. The TS2000 speed-cut diamond is truly two diamonds in one.

Consistent clinical performance. On average, TS2000 is 50% faster than other spiral designs - even after eight preparations. This unique coarse diamond is designed to cut cooler and faster than electroplated super coarse diamonds. The spiral action circulates water spray more efficiently to reduce heat energy and accelerate cutting.

Over forty shapes available
in convenient 5-packs.


  Two Diamonds in One!
TS2000 Spiral Diamonds provide rapid gross reduction and leave a finished margin without changing instruments.

Two Striper® MicroPrep™
Micro-Preparation Diamonds

Indicated for minimally invasive cavity preps and pit and fissure sealant placement.

Conservative Cavity Preparations. Two Striper MicroPrep diamonds are designed with small abrasive heads to facilitate conservative tooth preparation and longer necks to enhance vision and control. Ideal for minimally invasive and microscope-assisted dentistry, Two Striper MicroPrep diamonds are said to help satisfy the growing demand in dentistry for more conservative treatment tools and techniques, including fissurotomy procedures.

MicroPreps are available in six unique friction grip shapes for a variety of clinical indications where minimally invasive and conservative treatments are desired. Featuring a patented, P.B.S.® bonding process of natural diamond crystals, these Two Striper diamond instruments reportedly maintain cutting efficiency over multiple uses, since diamond crystals are guaranteed not to strip or peel from the hardened stainless steel shank.

The new MP89 comes in a shorter shank and is ideal for pit and fissure preparations.

Available in convenient 5-packs.

Friction grip (31) shank

New!Universal All-Ceramic Prep Kit

Clinical photography courtesy of
Dr. Robert Mongrain.

Ten basic diamond shapes that will boost your productivity for all-ceramic Crowns, Inlays and Onlays.

Customize with your own personal favorites; block contains eight additional spaces.

Whether it's CAD/CAM Chair Side or lab fabricated ceramic, this set contains all the instruments you need to systematically create fast and accurate preparations.


Universal All-Ceramic Prep Kit




®Two Striper and P.B.S. are registered trademarks of and ™Ztech are trademarks of the manufacturer Abrasive Technology, Inc. / U.S. Patent 5,511,718

Solo Diamond
Sterile, Single-Patient Use, Quality Diamonds from Premier

You and your patient will appreciate improved infection control and convenient, fast tooth preparation with a fresh, always sharp cutting instrument.

Experience the outstanding value of Premier's Solo Diamond!

  • Gamma-Sterilized to reduce cross-contamination risks
  • 5-year pouch seal integrity validation on every Solo Diamond
  • Wide variety of clinical shapes and diamond grits
  • Manufactured and Sterilized in the U.S.A.

EC Representative: MDSS GmbH * Schiffgraben 41 30175 Hannover, Germany.

Intended use: Friction grip rotary intra-oral tooth preparation. Solo dental diamonds are pre-sterilized and designed for single patient use. They should be discarded after tooth preparation is completed. Solo diamond grinding efficiency will significantly decrease after one use.

Caution: If sealed pouch chamber is torn, the diamond is no longer sterile. You will need to sterilize according to common methods used in a dental practice.

Most popular coarse grit Solo diamonds

® Two Striper and P.B.S. are registered trademarks and ™ TS2000 and MicroPrep are trademarks of the manufacturer, Abrasive Technology,Inc. / U.S. Patent 5, 511, 718

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