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Hemodent® Paste Retraction System

Hemostasis and Retraction? No Problem.

  • Quick effective retraction: About 2 minutes – no fumbling with hemostatic solutions - save chair time

  • Superior hemostasis: Stops bleeding and crevicular seepage while retraction occurs - easily absorbs excess crevicular fluid

  • Increased patient comfort: Avoid tearing gingiva - less pressure on sensitive tissue

  • Convenient delivery system: No cumbersome and expensive guns or cartridges - ergonomic disposable syringe and bendable syringe tip provides excellent reach

  • Maximum freshness: Each syringe is packaged in resealable foil pouches
  • Excellent value: Ready to use, no hidden cost - kits include syringes and disposable tips

9007091 Traxodent Value Pack    
25 syringes and 50 tips     
9007092 Applicator Tips (50)

Traxodent Starter Pack    
7 syringes and 15 tips

Using Traxodent syringe with multiple patients may cause cross contamination; take proper precautions.



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EC Representative: MDSS GmbH * Schiffgraben 41 30175 Hannover, Germany


Gentle and effective retraction in minutes!

Bend tip for optimal access

Position tip parallel to
axial plane of the tooth

Dispense sufficient
material to displace tissue

Place Retraction Cap on
tooth structure

Have the patient bite and
maintain pressure on the cap.
Wait about 2 minutes.

Rinse away, leaving sulcus
open and accessible

Optional Cord Technique
Traxodent eliminates the need for a second cord.

Place a single strand
of retraction cord.

Dispense sufficient
material to displace tissue.
Wait about 2 minutes.

Rinse away, leaving sulcus
open and accessible
Premier® Retraction Caps


Anatomic formed cotton caps work synergistically with Traxodent to quicken and assist retraction and hemostasis.

  • Easily guides Traxodent into the sulcus

  • Compression assists and quickens hemostasis

  • Cotton absorbs fluids

  • Anatomic form allows easy placement


    Size 5 (60)


    Size 3 (120)


    Size 1 (120)


    Assorted (30) #5, (15) #1, (15) #3

New! Premier® Cure-Thru® IntegraPost®
Light-transmitting Zirconia Glass Fiber Post
  • Superior Fatigue Resistance
    Zirconia-rich glass fibers within a composite matrix provide exceptional strength and elasticity. Elastic Modulus and Flexural Strength close to tooth structure (E-modulus 52 GPa/Flexural Strength 1650 MPa) allow the post to respond to traumatic stresses like a tooth.
  • Light Transmitting and Radiopaque
    Photo curing through the post assures more complete polymerization of cement around and down the post length.
  • Factory Silanated for Secure Adhesion
    Zirconia glass fibers are chemically treated to bond with both resin cement and composite core build-up material.
  • Esthetic
    White color of post guarantees no grey shadow or show through.
  • Safe and Simple to Use
    Composite Zirconia Glass Fiber Technology
    won’t fracture root and provides easy, non-traumatic removal. Cure-Thru IntegraPosts are color-coded to match the highly rated IntegraPost system drills.

EC Representative: MDSS GmbH * Schiffgraben 41 30175 Hannover, Germany


Cure-Thru IntegraPost Intro Kit
Contains: 20 posts, (5) each #4, #4.5, #5, #6
and (4) corresponding drills


Cure-Thru IntegraPost Mini Intro Kit
Contains: 10 posts, (5) each #4, #5 and (2) corresponding drills


Refill (10 pack)
Size 4 (red)


Refill (10 pack)
Size 4.5 (purple)


Refill (10 pack)
Size 5 (blue)


Refill (10 pack)
Size 6 (green)

IntegraDrills (3 pack)

3001210 Size 4 (red)
3001215 Size 4.5 (purple)
3001225 Size 5 (blue)
3001230 Size 6 (green)

Temporary Resin Cement

  • Firm Retention / Easy Removal
    No re-cementing temporaries
  • Eugenol-Free
    Non irritating to soft tissue / will not inhibit permanent cementation
  • Fluoride Release
  • Potassium Nitrate - Known to reduce
    sensitivity and act as a sedative to the pulp
  • Chlorhexidine - A proven anti-bacterial agent
  • Resin-Matrix Formulation
    Good marginal seal with no wash-out
  • Two-Stage Curing
    Initial gel-set stabilizes temporary, allowing
    easy removal of excess
  • Automix Syringe - Saves application time;
    guarantees consistent mix
  • Neutral Shade - Blends esthetically with
    temporary restoration / No show-through

Contains: One 5ml Automix Dual-Barrel Syringe, 10 Mix Tips

3001470 Bulk
Contains: Four 5ml Automix Dual-Barrel Syringes

EC Representative: MDSS GmbH * Schiffgraben 41 30175 Hannover, Germany.




Premier® Implant Cement™
Non-eugenol temporary resin cement for implant retained crowns

  • Tough elastomeric resin
    Flexes under force and will resist breaking
    down under daily occlusal stresses

    Absorbs shock

    Creats a tight marginal seal

  • Secure Retention
    Strength and durability of resin cements
    for long-lasting hold

  • Retrievable
    Mechanical retention allows future crown
    removal for retreatment or adjustments

    Proper Cement Placement
    For firm retention, only a thin layer of Premier® Implant Cement should be applied to the cervical third of the crown (or up to the cervical half, depending on the amount of retention desired). Make sure to completely coat the margin with cement.
    Note: Excess cement should be avoided. Applying too much cement can cause future retrieval of the restoration to become difficult or impossible. Do not fill the restoration.



3001450 Implant Cement
Contents: 1 - 5ml Automix Dual-Barrel syringe, 10 Mixing Tips, 1 Mixing Pad
3001455 Implant Cement Value Pack
Contents: 3 - 5ml Automix Dual-Barrel syringes, 25 Mixing Tips
3001451 Mixing Tips
Contents: 25 Automix Dual-Barrel Syringe Mixing Tips


EC Representative: MDSS GmbH * Schiffgraben 41 30175 Hannover, Germany.

CompCore™ AF Stack
Composite Core Build-up Material


Advanced Formula, Dual-Cure CompCore™
Provides exceptional performance and the enhanced light-curing properties save considerable time. If light-curing is not an option – allow CompCore™ AF to self-cure in 4.5 minutes intraorally!

Improved natural appearance

The greater translucency of the enhanced CompCore AF presents a more natural tooth appearance which minimizes the chance of shadows under ceramic crowns- yet provides good contrast and excellent radiopacity.

Outstanding handling for ease of use
CompCore AF Stack will stay put – even in difficult maxillary core build-ups, yet flows under pressure for excellent adaptation. Preps like dentin without ditching.

Superior durability for peace of mind
CompCore AF composite core build-up material utilizes exclusive Hyperbranched Technology™1 and nano-fillers for superior mechanical properties and long term clinical success - available in automix SyringeMix™ and cartridge dispensers.

* A3 shade. White and blue shade to a depth of 6mm.







EC Representative: MDSS GmbH * Schiffgraben 41 30175 Hannover, Germany.

1) Evaluation of Hyperbranched Polymers Effect on Dental Composite Properties, Lizenboim,K.,
Dodiuk- Kenig, H., Eppelbaum, I, Shenkar College for Engineering and Design, Ramat-Gan, Israel.
Independent laboratory study from Creighton University, data on file. Dent. Research (1153,2002)

CompCore AF
Cartridge STACK:

3001430 Intro Kit / Shade White
3001431 Intro Kit / Shade A3

Contains: 50g cartridge of CompCore AF Dual-Cure, 4ml bottles of IntegraBond™ and Auto-cure Activator, Type 25 applicator gun, 25 mix tips, 25 intraoral syringe tips, 10 ACCOR® matrices

3001432 Refill / Shade White
3001433 Refill / Shade A3

Contains: 50g cartridge of CompCore AF Dual-Cure,25 mix tips, 25 intraoral syringe tips, 10 ACCOR® matrices

CompCore AF
Twist STACK:
Auto-Cure/Syringe Hand-Mix

3001490 Shade White
3001491 Shade A3

Contains: 6g catalyst and base, mixing pads and 20 spatulas.

CompCore AF
SyringeMix STACK:

3001512 SyringeMix STACK / Shade White
3001513 SyringeMix STACK / Shade A3
3001514 SyringeMix STACK / Shade Blue

Contains: two 9g automix syringes, 15 mix tips, 15 standard and 10 extra-fine intraoral tips.



3001418 SyringeMix Mix-Tips & Intraoral Tips (35 each)
3001468 SyringeMix Extra-Fine Intraoral Tips
3001416 Applicator Gun Type-25
3001417 Cartridge Mix-Tips & Intraoral Tips
(35 each)
9048081 ACCOR® Matrices (50 multi-sized core matrix forms)


Core Build-Up Material with Fluoride

Outstanding Value - Saves Money
Satisfaction Guaranteed!

3001401 White (50g)
3001402 White (28g)
3001404 Natural (50g)
3001405 Natural (28g)

Tub contains catalyst and base, mixing pads and spatulas.

A Single-Step Universal Bonding Agent

IntegraBond™ is universal. It offers outstanding shear bond strength to all popular light, dual or autocure composites.
  • Light-cured / PAC light compatible
  • Use Premier® Auto-Cure Activator for
    self-curing and dual-curing composites
  • Proven acetone-based solvent yields
    consistent success
  • Stable formula resists diffusion and
    maintains shelf-life
  • Excellent bond strength - Dentin, Enamel
  • Seals out sensitivity
3001421 IntegraBond Adhesive Kit Contains: 4ml IntegraBond, 4ml Auto-Cure Activator, (2) 1.2ml Premier Etch Syringes, (50) Microbrushes, (20) Disposable Etch Tips, Mix Wells
3001411 IntegraBond Universal Bonding Agent - 7ml
3001412 Auto-Cure Activator for use with IntegraBond - 7ml
3001413 IntegraBond - 4ml

EC Representative: MDSS GmbH * Schiffgraben 41 30175 Hannover, Germany.

Four out of five dentists prefer IntegraBond over their
present brand for its fast and easy technique*

* Pre-market survey on file.

Ultra-passive Integrating Core Retainer

Safe and Secure
The IntegraPost™ features an innovative round Flow-Thru-Head® to optimize composite core materials and a parallel passive design that creates an adhesive buffer zone. The IntegraPost system conserves tooth structure and minimizes stress.1,2,3

Balances Strength with Elasticity
Made from bio-compatible titanium alloy, the IntegraPost is stronger than resin fiber yet more elastic than stainless steel.4

Easy to Use
Six post sizes and corresponding drills make post selection a simple process. IntegraPost heads are optimally sized in relation to shank length. The unique post carrier instrument facilitates handling making it easy to carry and place. The passive design minimizes stress points on the root, reducing the potential for fracture. IntegraDrills are uniquely sized in relation to post diameter permitting 2.5x more cement into post space than similar passive post systems. This creates an adhesive "buffer zone" to absorb potentially stressful forces and increase retention.

Innovative Design
The mid-flange and shoulder are designed to dissipate stress away from canal. The safe, non-threaded parallel shank minimizes potential root fracture. Every IntegraPost is pre-sandblasted for maximum adhesion. The micro-knurling provides increased surface area to engage the cement and resist rotational stresses.

1-4 Full bibliography available.

Using or "trying in" IntegraPost with multiple patients may cause cross contamination; take proper precautions.


EC Representative: MDSS GmbH * Schiffgraben 41 30175 Hannover, Germany.

IntegraPost is easy to carry and place using the IntegraPost carrier.

CompCore™ is syringed through the patented Flow-Thru-Head® providing a void-less stress-free mechanical interlocking of post and core.

IntegraPost’s rounded head eliminates stress points and the Flow-Thru-Head eliminates voids, ensuring complete post and core integration.

- Mini Intro Kit -

Mini Intro Kit

3001001 Mini Intro Kit
Contains: 6 posts
(2) each #3, #4, #4.5, (3) drills -
(1) each #3, #4, #4.5, IP Carrier



IntegraPost Refills (10 pack)
3001105 Size 3
3001110 Size 4
3001115 Size 4.5
3001120 Size 4.5L
3001125 Size 5
3001130 Size 6
IntegraDrills (3 pack)
3001205 Size 3
3001210 Size 4
3001215 Size 4.5
3001225 Size 5
3001230 Size 6
IntegraDrills (5 pack)
3001235 Assorted
Integra Instruments
3001301 IP Carrier
3001305 IP Probe


Dual Cure Resin Cement


Easy Technique
IntegraCem™ is a two-component (base/catalyst) system that is simple to use. The low viscosity and thin film thickness provide ideal handling. After a 10-sec. light-cure, you can easily remove cement flashing from seated Crowns, Bridges, Inlays and Onlays.

Illustrated cards guide you through all step-by-step techniques, including PFM crown repair, cementation of Maryland Bridges, Posts, Ortho Brackets and Bands.

Ideal for “Bonded” Amalgam
IntegraCem has superior bond strength to all surfaces, especially metal. Formulated to chemically bond to fresh amalgam, IntegraCem will eliminate sensitivity and permanently seal all restorative margins.

Optional Light-Curing for Posts and Crowns
Posts can be immediately stabilized by light-curing; IntegraCem's anaerobic accelerator guarantees complete curing even at the bottom of the post preparation. The anaerobic accelerator accelerates curing and promotes more complete polymerization under crowns.

3001410 Base & Catalyst - 4gms each


  • 100% aseptic, no risk of cross-contamination
  • Fresh chemistry for each application
  • No waste
  • Precise dispensing through MicroDose tip
9007138 RC-Prep™ MicroDose® Intro Kit
100 pipettes, 2 autoclavable syringes
9007137 RC-Prep MicroDose Refill
100 pipettes
4009051 38% Etch MicroDose Refill
50 pipettes
4009099 MicroDose Syringe Pack
3 autoclavable syringes

Removes calcifications and lubricates the canal to permit more efficient instrumentation of the root canal.

38% Phosphoric Acid Etch
15-20 second etch time, each 0.2cc unit is sufficient for etching two to four teeth.

Cure-Thru® Clear Cervical Matrices  


Compress restorative material as you light-cure. Flexible to the exact contour of the tooth for dense restorations with excellent marginal integrity.

9061011 Assorted Kit (contains: 275 matrices, positioning instrument & gingival retraction instrument)

Each size available in boxes of 150


Blue Cure-Thru® Transparent
Contoured Matrix Bands

Blue color increases the contrast between the matrix and tooth offering better visual control. Thin, yet strong enough to pack against. No negative influence on light-curing process. 0.075mm

9061231 Premolar Bands (100 per pkg)
9061233 Molar Bands (100 per pkg)
Stop Strips
Mylar Anterior Bands with Integrated Stopper

Unique integrated stopper secures the
matrix band between adjacent teeth.

Stop Strips take you from three-handed dentistry to two. You can light-cure Class III and IV restorations with ease.

9061370 Assorted, 8mm & 10mm (75 each)
9061375 Straight, 10mm (100) (blue)
9061380 Straight, 8mm (100) (red)

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