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Hemodent® Paste Retraction System

Hemostasis and Retraction? No Problem.

  • Quick effective retraction: About 2 minutes – no fumbling with hemostatic solutions - save chair time

  • Superior hemostasis: Stops bleeding and crevicular seepage while retraction occurs - easily absorbs excess crevicular fluid

  • Increased patient comfort: Avoid tearing gingiva - less pressure on sensitive tissue

  • Convenient delivery system: No cumbersome and expensive guns or cartridges - ergonomic disposable syringe and bendable syringe tip provides excellent reach

  • Maximum freshness: Each syringe is packaged in resealable foil pouches
  • Excellent value: Ready to use, no hidden cost - kits include syringes and disposable tips

9007091 Traxodent Value Pack    
25 syringes and 50 tips     
9007092 Applicator Tips (50)

Traxodent Starter Pack    
7 syringes and 15 tips

Using Traxodent syringe with multiple patients may cause cross contamination; take proper precautions.



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EC Representative: MDSS GmbH * Schiffgraben 41 30175 Hannover, Germany


Gentle and effective retraction in minutes!

Bend tip for optimal access

Position tip parallel to
axial plane of the tooth

Dispense sufficient
material to displace tissue

Place Retraction Cap on
tooth structure

Have the patient bite and
maintain pressure on the cap.
Wait about 2 minutes.

Rinse away, leaving sulcus
open and accessible

Optional Cord Technique
Traxodent eliminates the need for a second cord.

Place a single strand
of retraction cord.

Dispense sufficient
material to displace tissue.
Wait about 2 minutes.

Rinse away, leaving sulcus
open and accessible

New! Knit-Pak™
Knitted Retraction Cord


Knit-Pak™ gingival retraction cord is a non-impregnated knitted cord made from 100% cotton.

  • Use in combination with Hemodent® or Traxodent® for tissue displacement and hemostasis.
  • Carries an abundant quantity of hemostatic solution
  • Compacts under pressure, making it easier to pack
  • Will cut clean and not get entangled in a bur
  • Available in 6 color coded sizes, 100% cotton

    A stainless steel cutting blade inside the cap automatically cuts the cord upon closing.   The cord piece is held by the cap until removed, preventing it from dropping. Protects cord piece and container from cross-contamination.

    Each Knit-Pak contains 100 inches (254 cm) of cord.

      Size Color
    9007551 000 Green
    9007552 00 Brown
    9007553 0 Purple
    9007554 1 Blue
    9007555 2 Orange
    9007556 3 Yellow

T-LOC™ Triple Tray®
Adhesive-Free Dual-Arch Impression Trays

Patented Design.
Retention tracks mechanically
lock in material - from all sides,
eliminating need for adhesive.

U.S. Patent #6,749,428

Townie Choice Award Repeat Winner
2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006

  • Patented adhesive-free design - Retention tracks mechanically lock in material, eliminating
    the need for offensive smelling, volatile, and
    expensive adhesives. You save both time and money.
  • Easier handling - Large, ergonomic handles
    simplify loading of the tray, enable easy transfer between assistant and dentist and facilitate tray
    insertion and removal from the mouth.
  • Accurate bite - Thin, loose webbing maximizes intercuspation of the teeth and exhibits “...least water sorption & thinnest occlusal wafer ” 1 to ensure an accurate bite.
  • Greater rigidity in posterior due to
    the use of a new, novel polymer.
  • Ensure accuracy and save time - Low sides, thin posterior bar and wide impression areas avoid impingement when the patient closes. Premier®
    Triple Tray® is proven2 accurate - as you
    simultaneously capture master impression,
    counter and bite registration.

    1006204 Posterior - Box of 35
    1006214 Anterior - Box of 28
    1006274 Three-Quarter Arch - Box of 22

    EC Representative: MDSS GmbH * Schiffgraben 41 30175 Hannover, Germany.

    1. Independent Research Organization, July 2000.
    2. Complete Triple Tray bibliography available
    upon request.

    T-LOC™ Triple Tray® impression trays are single use, disposable trays. Using a tray with multiple patients may cause cross-contamination; take proper precautions.

Alfa™ Triple Tray®
Revolutionizing full-arch alginate impression making



Improves patient comfort

Virtually eliminates gagging – Unique palate-free, patent-pending design engages the patient’s tongue to restrict the overflow of material and eliminate gagging!
Take one impression, not two – You significantly improve the patient’s experience - the mouth is closed in a more natural, comfortable position. Alfa™ Triple Tray® requires about half the amount of alginate used in existing techniques.

Cuts chair time in half
By simultaneously capturing upper and lower impressions plus the bite registration, significant time is saved - at the chair - where it counts most!
Hands Free – Alfa’s closed-mouth technique frees the operator from holding the tray in place. While the material sets, the mixing area and utensils can be cleaned.

Promotes asepsis
Alfa Triple Tray offers a better presentation than unsightly reusable metal trays and avoids potential cross-contamination. Alfa trays are disposable - no clean-up required.

Easy to use - with excellent results
Alfa Triple Tray is ideal for full-mouth alginate impressions taken for the fabrication of custom trays, whitening trays, study models, night guards, athletic guards and as a matrix for temporaries. Also, Alfa can be used with alginate substitute vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) material.

Laboratory Technique in Adobe Acrobat PDF.

1006313 Alfa small
1006323 Alfa medium
1006333 Alfa large
1006343 Alfa assorted: contains 5S, 14M, 5L

ALFA™ Triple Tray® impression trays are single use, disposable trays. Using a tray with multiple patients may cause cross-contamination; take proper precautions.

Triple Tray®
To Simultaneously Obtain: Crown/Bridge Impression,
Bite Registration and Counter Impression
Close-bite technique
for 1-2 unit impressions

Try in the appropriate Triple Tray to ensure it fits passively when
the patient closes.

Apply adhesive to tray walls and overload both sides of the Triple Tray with a firm setting impression material.

Remove cord, if used, and syringe impression material onto critical areas.

Place loaded Triple Tray into the mouth and have patient close properly. Check contra lateral side to verify proper occlusion.

Inspect the final
impression for detail and to ensure the patient has not closed into the sides or distal bar of the tray.

Townie Choice Award Repeat Winner
2010, 2009, 2008, 2007,
2006, 2004, 2003


Premier’s Wide Body Posterior Triple Tray, 19% longer and 33% wider than original posterior, captures detail of up to six teeth.

Triple Tray
Proven Accurate In Over 80 Million Impressions

All Premier® Triple Tray® designs have very thin, loose webbing which will not distort when the patient closes. Look for Premier on the handle; your assurance of a genuine Triple Tray. The superior performance of Triple Tray, combined with today’s very accurate materials, provides you with an ideal impression in an easy technique. Triple Tray has been consistently rated an outstanding product by a leading independent research organization due to “least water absorbation and thinnest inner occlusal wafer…” *

1006283 Wide Body Posterior - Box of 48*
1006203 Case of 10 Posterior - Box of 48*
1006213 Case of 10 Anterior - Box of 35*
1006223 Case of 10 Quadrant - Box of 40*
1006243 Case of 10 Sideless Posterior- Box of 48*
1006253 Extended Quadrant - Box of 35*
1006273 Three-Quarter Arch - Box of 35*
1006233 Assorted - Box of 35. Contains 5 of each design listed above.

*individual boxes available through your dealer

Triple Tray® impression trays are single use, disposable trays. Using a tray with multiple patients may cause cross-contamination; take proper precautions.

Buffered Aluminum Chloride Epinephrine-Free Hemostatic Liquid

Hemodent® effectively stops minor gingival bleeding. It contains no epinephrine to help avoid cardiac reactions. Hemodent is stable and offers a long shelf life.

Recommended to arrest bleeding during crown preparations, before impression taking, placing fillings, cement bases, or cementing inlays or crowns; also after minor surgery, curettage, gingivectomies, gingivoplastys and deep scaling.

9007071 Case of Ten - 10cc bottle*
9007072 20cc bottle*
9007073 40cc bottle*

*individual bottles available through your dealer

FS Hemostatic™
Ferric Sulfate Epinephrine-Free Hemostatic Liquid

A 15.5% ferric sulfate liquid solution offers instantaneous coagulation for difficult hemostatic control. It contains no epinephrine so it is safe for use on all patients.

9007057 1oz dropper bottle (29.5ml)
9007058 2oz refill bottle (59ml)



EC Representative: MDSS GmbH * Schiffgraben 41 30175 Hannover, Germany.

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