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Autoclavable Instrument Sharpening System

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To obtain a cd containing the D.I.S.C. tutorial, please contact customer service


Extend instrument life and enhance your efficiency! Now, you can quickly sharpen scalers and curettes correctly without damaging the cutting surface.

The D.I.S.C Sharpener is ideal for routine sharpening as well as for chairside touch-ups. WIthin seconds, the D.I.S.C. will resharpen instruments to make scaling and root planing more effective, with less effort by the dental professional.

9048200 Autoclavable D.I.S.C. complete with (2) sharpening stones and Comprehensive Guide to Sharpening
9048093 Sharpening Stone (1)

™D.I.S.C. is a trademark of Steve B. Moore/U.S. Patent #4,821,462

Composite Manipulation Instrument

Nonstick • Durable • Ergonomical • Autoclavable

Uniquely coated working ends
Avoid composite sticking and have a lustrous appearance
Wear resistance (14x greater than stainless-steel)
Will not discolor restorative materials

Big Easy® handle with large, 1/2” silicone grips
Time-tested durability with a lightweight grip
to reduce fatigue and pressure

Mix with other stainless-steel hand instruments
in ultrasonic and/or autoclave

Eleven configurations
A design for every application
Look for the purple and gold
Premier name on the handle guarantees quality.

SLIX metallic coating has been designed specifically for medical devices. USP Class VI approved and meets biocompatibility medical standard for ISO 10993. Autoclave-safe and will not chip, flake or peel.

05708 Slix Mini IPC
05706 Slix Mini 11
05707 Slix 21B Acorn-Duckhead
05709 Slix Mini W3
05710 Slix Mini S1
05701 Slix DE13
05702 Slix IPC
05703 Slix Ladmore 3
05704 Slix Woodson 2
05705 Slix DE W3

*Cleaning/Sterilizing Tips - If by dry heat or rapid heat transfer, do not heat above 350ºF or 177ºC.  If by cold sterilization, do not use iodophors, phenols or other solutions with ph above 8.

New!SmartSharp® Technology

Premier's innovation in sharpening technology allows you to start sharp and work smart!

  • Easily maintain sharpness - proprietary process
    ensures a well defined edge you can easily re-sharpen as needed – to maintain efficiency
  • Apply less pressure and use fewer strokes -
    achieve a glass-like tooth surface – more easily

  • SmartSharp® now available on Premier
    Scalers and Curettes -
     at no additional cost -
    on your choice of ergonomic handles -
    made in the U.S.A. with 95 years experience

A sharp edge ensures a smooth,
precise cut with less hand fatigue.

An irregular edge is less efficient
and can lead to more hand fatigue.

Big Easy®
Ergonomic, Comfort-Controlled Instruments
with Thicker, Softer Grips for Better Control

If you are a dentist or hygienist performing routine scaling procedures, we know you are concerned about repetitive motion injuries. That is why Premier has created Big Easy Scalers and Curettes.

  • Cushion grips are resilient, providing passive
    feedback so you use less pressure.
  • Thicker, softer, sculpted medical-grade
    silicone grips cushion your fingers.
  • Thin, sharp blades and precise
    angles offer optimal efficiency.


Premier Scalers and Curettes are available in a variety of handles.

New! Big Easy® Implant Ultrasonic Inserts
Make power scaling work for you!

EC Representative: MDSS GmbH * Schiffgraben 41 30175 Hannover, Germany

The no-scratch tip will safely and quickly clean around implant surfaces and is ideal for sensitive patients. The innovative design features a permanently attached tip made from PEEK polymer. There is no need to keep track of disposable tips or a special attachment tool. PEEK is autoclavable and extremely durable for long-lasting performance. Premier inserts are made in the USA with 100 years experience and are compatible with most magnetostrictive hand pieces. 

PEEK is considered an advanced biomaterial used in medical implants. It does not degrade with exposure to steam and is heat, chemical and radiation resistant. PEEK can withstand the chemical, thermal and mechanical stresses present during the sterilization process. 

Big Easy Implant Ultrasonic Inserts
1005336 Big Easy Implant Insert 30K
1005326 Big Easy Implant Insert 25K

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Big Easy® Ultrasonic Inserts
Cushion Grip for improved Ergonomics and Comfort
  • Ergonomically designed large 7/16" diameter for maximum comfort and decreased fatigue
  • Thicker sculpted medical-grade silicone grip cushions fingers and permits a firm grasp
  • Precision engineered for optimal performance and extended wear
  • Compatible with all magnetostrictive handpieces

EC Representative: MDSS GmbH * Schiffgraben 41 30175 Hannover, Germany

Big Easy Ultrasonic Inserts
1005300 Universal #10 25K (purple)
1005310 Universal #10 30K (purple)
1005305 Triple Bend #1000 25K (orange)
1005315 Triple Bend #1000 30K (orange)
1005330 Thin-Tip #100 30K (red)
"P" Style Insert - (External Flow)
1006803 P 50 25K
1006903 P 50 30K
1006801 P 100 25K (straight)
1006805 P 100 25K (right)
1006804 P 100 25K (left)
1006902 P 100 30K (straight)
1006904 P 100 30K (right)

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Premier® PerioWise®
“The Friendly Probe®”

  • Ideal for full examination or a quick screening
  • Easy-to-read 3mm green band indicates periodontal health
  • Reaching a red mark indicates the possible presence of periodontal disease
  • Safe around implants
  • Autoclavable

A new and accurate screening system, visit FREE screening system components available from Premier!

PerioWise® UNC 12

UNC 12 provides precision measuring of pocket depths with markings indicating 1mm increments up to 12mm. Ideal for complete periodontal examinations.

Cavity Finder™ Explorers

Multi-piece construction of Premier stainless steel Cavity Finder explorers, ensures optimal tactile sensitivity. Cavity Finder tips are extremely sharp and flexible, for maximum effectiveness in detecting caries and calculus. Available in all popular designs.

EC Representative: MDSS GmbH * Schiffgraben 41 30175 Hannover, Germany.

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