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Evacuation System Cleaner


VACU BLAST™ is a powerful enzymatic liquid evacuation system cleaner with a refreshing eucalyptus scent. Its metered-dose bottle makes it easy and economical to use in each operatory to keep evacuation systems operating at peak performance.

Powerful enzymatic cleaner
Removes blood, saliva, prophy paste and gel debris that clog evacuation lines

Neutral pH
Compatible with all amalgam separators

Safe on all evacuation systems and plumbing

Protects pump parts

Environmentally friendly
Promotes "green" products in the dental office

Can be used effectively with or without an atomizer

Metered-dose packaging
Easy to use, economical

Refreshingly pleasant clean scent

For best results, use daily in each operatory to keep your evacuation system operating at peak performance.

9011107 Case of 12 - 32oz bottles

Individual bottles available through your dealer.

Pro Clean™
Professional Strength Tartar and Stain Remover

Pro Clean™ offers dental professionals a highly effective tartar and stain remover for dental appliances. In a pre-market survey, two out of three dentists indicated that they prefer professional strength Pro Clean over their present product.

Use in-office and dispense for patient home use; Pro Clean is ideal for patients who have retainers and night guards. Since these appliances are worn when sleeping, the patient usually does not bring these to the dental office to be cleaned. Cleaning these appliances is a chore! A brief two hour soak once a week with Pro Clean is all that is needed. One box of 25 packets is ideal between six month hygiene visits.

9011103 Box of 25 Packets

Vac Attak™
High Performance Evacuation System Cleaner


Significantly More Effective
Unique combination of chelation chemistry and concentrated organic chlorine is significantly more effective than enzymatic cleaners in removing debris and bio-burden from evacuation lines. Vac Attak is especially effective on prophy paste and fluoride gels, the two most common causes of blocked lines. Enzymatic cleaners simply do not have enough contact time to be effective during an evacuation flush.

Vac Attak’s organic chlorine formula facilitates the immediate breakdown of protein chains, found in bio-burden, into water-soluble amino acids.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly
Non-corrosive to metals. Non-foaming - safe for use with all pumps. Prevents scale build-up in pump that other- wise forms when using hard water.

Economical and Easy To Use
One scoop of concentrated Vac Attak quickly dissolves into 32 oz. of warm water and then is flushed through the system. It’s that easy!

9011101 Case of six - 800g jars
with scoop dispenser

Individual jars available through your dealer.

Brite Shield™
Static Soak & Ultrasonic Cleaner

Cleans faster
Enzymatic action is up to 35% faster than other brands

Chemo-mechanically debrides clogged dental burs, removes alginate and stone from impression trays. Also removes set glass ionomer, carboxylate and zinc phosphate cements. Ideal for removing bio-burden from hand instruments.

Polishes and protects
A protective shield coats the instrument through a unique passivation process to restrict rust and corrosion while imparting a lustrous surface to stainless-steel instruments.

9011100 Case of six - 800g jar
with scoop dispenser

Individual jars available through your dealer.

Automatic Film Processor Cleaner


Rapid-Klene® effectively and safely cleans automatic film processors in as little as 20 minutes - without noxious fumes or scrubbing.

After draining all sections, one Rapid-Klene pouch is emptied into each section to be cleaned and hot tap water is added. The transports are inserted and the machine is turned on. It’s that easy.

Rapid-Klene contains no harmful chemicals, requires no rubber gloves nor protective

9018000 Case -12 cartons of 12 pouches
(144 - 63g pouches)
9018101 Carton - (12 - 63g pouches)

No EU directives exist for this product and no CE mark is required.

Remove Set Cements


Removalon®-I effectively removes set glass ionomer, carboxylate and zinc phosphate cements from instruments, ortho bands, crowns, inlays, facings, etc. When used with an ultrasonic cleaner, Removalon-I dissolves cement away twice as fast.

Removalon-I Dry pak is convenient to use and easy to store. Just extend the container and fill with warm tap water. The concentrated powder is quickly dissolved, forming a safe, effective solution.

9011005 Case of six - Dry Pak
(each fills to 1/2 gallon- 1.9L)

Individual jars available through your dealer.

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